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で、本題にはいります。私と同じように文系スーツながらもオープンソースの世界に魅力を感じ、その世界に身を投じてみたいという方は本ブログの読者の中には結構いるのではないかと推察します。下記のJob Descriptionを見て、職務内容に興味を持った方は、ktdisk@gmail.comまでResumeを送付頂けると幸いです。アルバイトの求人にありがちなキャッチコピーで恐縮ですが、やる気とガッツのある若者を募集しております。尚、Job Descriptionの中のOperation Managerというのは、僭越ながら私のことです。

Job Summary
The Operations Analyst, based in Tokyo, is responsible for supporting the definition and execution of all Japan Operations Processes under the supervision of Operation Manager in Japan.
Japan Operations Processes includes the following items.

  • Internal Consulting, ex. Identifying issue of current business process and implementing solutions
  • Management Planning, ex. developing annual country business plan / leading strategic projects
  • Daily Business Management, ex. forecasting / pipeline management / management mtg. facilitation

This individual will be responsible not only for high value work like business process analysis / strategy planning, but also for administrative work like taking meeting minutes / system testing / conducting change management for the organization.
Also this individual will be required to tightly collaborate with Red Hat world wide colleagues in APAC / EMEA / NA.

Job Responsibility

Internal Consulting

The goal of 'Internal Consulting' Work is maximizing the productivity of whole business process and contribute to our business, our partners and customers success.
Key Expected tasks are as follows, all works are under the supervision of Operation Manager;

  • Working out change management activity after new system and process roll out, ex. supporting sales to use new system, holding follow-up training sessions, and updating FAQ on the intranet.
  • Analyzing and identifying issues on the current partner order / renewal process. Defining and implementing solutions, including system enhancement and implementation.
  • Conducting hearing to sales people and defining their pain point of the current business process. Defining and implementing solutions to maximize their client face time.
  • Localization and deployment of new process and system aligned with Red Hat WW policy.
Management Planning

The goal of 'Management Planning' Work is support to build Red Hat K.K. growth strategy / business plan, and lead / support to implement some growth initiatives to realize our vision. Key Expected tasks are as follows, all works are under the supervision of Operation Manager;

  • Preparing and facilitating strategy / business planning sessions, and taking minutes.
  • Joining some growth initiative projects as team member and lead some tasks in the initiatives.
  • Analyzing business trend and current / past pipeline status. And then making feed back some findings to management team.
Daily Business Management

The goal of 'Daily Business Management' is giving sufficient managerial information to management team and solving operational issue of some tactical deals to status achieve Japan quarterly business target.
Key Expected tasks are as follows, all works are under the supervision of Operation Manager;

  • Preparing weekly booking forecast report and keep forecast / pipeline management system accurate, collaborating with sales team.
  • Supporting sales team to solve some operational issues to proceed deals status.

Job Scope

In the view of business process coverage, this individual is expected to cover all company wide business process of Red Hat, ex Subscription Management, Order Management, Price Book Management, Sales Automation, Channel Operation, Call Center, Support Portal, Incentive Program, etc.


  • Strong quantitative and qualitative analytical ability.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively operate with high energy and flexibility in a fast-paced, constantly evolving, team environment.
  • Passion for learning and creative problem-solving.
  • BA/BS or equivalent experience required.
  • Proven track record of success in previous work experiences (3-5 years working experience).
  • Native level fluency in Japanese, intermediate level in English (TOEIC 730-).

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